Kitchen and bathroom renovations are not something that the average person can just pay with their debit card.  Counters Only now has Financing.




 We can now offer our customers affordable monthly payment solutions that will fit in everyone’s budget.  So why choose financing?

              -It’s easy, safe and secure.  Take the guess work out of your buying decision. 

-Low fixed rate installment loans available for purchases from $3000.00 to $25,000.00

-Its always good to know all your options upfront. Simply apply and let us get you Pre-Approved. 


All loans are completely open.  You can make extra payments or pay it off early with no penalties or restrictions.  Any advanced payment you make goes directly to the loan balance, reducing the interest paid and shortening the term of the loan. 


Things to consider… 

Line of Credit:   Most Lines of Credit are secured by the equity in your home and are subject to a minimum monthly payment of typically 3% of the outstanding balance monthly. (Example: $10,000.00 purchase will have $300.00 minimum monthly payment). Why erode the equity in your home that you have worked so hard to build?  There is a better solution.


Credit Card:       If there is any chance you will need to carry a balance of your purchase into your credit card company’s high interest    rate period, we have a better plan for you.  Low fixed rate installment loans will save you a significant amount of money over time.  Save your available credit for life’s real emergencies.  


Counters Only has partnered with Crelogix Acceptance Corporation to provide consumer financing programs that our customers will know and love.



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